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Our mission is to provide integrative, revolutionary wellness solutions and programs to support, foster and increase wellness at the corporate and personal levels. Corporations are made of people, which are only as strong and vibrant as their people and teams.

Kimberly Primatic, Managing Partner of Primatic Integration, is passionate about health and wellness. Kimberly combines her 7 years of experience in Fortune 500-client corporate health and wellness training, Villanova MBA, 13-year career in the ever-changing, highly demanding Information Technology sector and her own life's journey to teach, motivate and inspire. Clients enjoy her attention to detail, down-to-earth and innovative style and sense of humor.

Kimberly is committed to providing organizations and individuals with the information, processes and practical tools they can use to improve both their work and personal lives.

In computer systems, corporations, and the human body, integration is key to exceptional results as well as sustained success and resultant synergy. Integration is our goal for you, and we are here to help you achieve that goal, every step of the way.

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